Think Great…Feel Great!

The 2020 pandemic inspired a lot of us to think more wisely about living right, eating right, and protecting our health and immunity.

A great place to start is by eating more whole foods including high fibre and making more organic food choices.

A good plan that helps energy levels throughout the day is to:

  1. Eat regular ‘smaller portion’ meals, (no skipping meals)
  2. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas to keep you hydrated
  3. Plan on having healthy snacks throughout the day such as fresh veggies, nuts, and low glycemic fruits such as berries.

Yes… regular exercise matters and doesn’t need to be intense. In fact, more and more research seems to show our bodies respond best to moderate activity that won’t promote injury or cause oxidative stress.

Adding fatty fish to your diet two to three times a week, such as wild salmon or bristling sardines is a great way to get omegas into your diet—and eggs are another good source of this valuable and important wellness ‘builder’. Omega 3, 6 snd 9 are excellent for overall energy and brain health.

I am a firm believer in high science supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. For a great ‘brain boost’ to combat stress, I recommend a product like Usana’s COPAPRIME… which is formulated to promote mental endurance and long term brain health. Learn more about CopaPrime and other wellness products for a healthy you at: upstreamdream.usana.com 🙂

Peachy Iced 🍵

Hi! If you’re in the mood for a really refreshing summer iced tea that tastes great and is a super energizer on a hot day, you will love this zingy blend of green tea, ginger, mint, lemongrass and peach flavours.

I use two tea brands to make this iced beverage: Stash™️ ‘Ginger Peach’ and Tazo™️ ‘Zen’.

METHOD: Bring 2 litres of spring water almost to a boil and pour over 3-4 tea bags of each of the Stash and Tazo tea blends. Steep for 5 minutes (longer for a more intense tea).  I like to use a large heavy clear glassware (heat safe) pitcher. Add fresh mint leaves and a generous slice of fresh ginger. Remove mint and ginger after steeping, and add one large fresh organic peach — sliced.

Refrigerate overnight or at least two hours before serving. Serve over plenty of shaved ice in a refrigerated glass for the ultimate ‘cooler’. Top off with a dry white sparkling wine or Prosecco as a sangria or drink this tea ‘straight up’.

Combining this green tea, ginger and matcha of the Stash tea, the lemongrass, mint and green tea of the Tazo blend, and fresh fruity peach provides a hydrating boost of antioxidants and will add refreshment to a light summer meal or beach or poolside drink tray.

  • Image: dreamicus.com


For a refreshing summer cooler and even flow of metabolism-boosting energy —-green ‘smoothies’ can’t be beat. Here’s a quick and easy green beverage with nutrients that provides a daily ‘cleanse’ for your liver (first thing in the morning or before bedtime), or makes a great ‘pick me up’ anytime! Use a juicer or to keep it really simple with easy clean up, choose a small 12 ounce blender with a pour spout. Always choose the freshest veggies you can find, (organic if available/affordable for you).

METHOD: In a small 12 ounce ‘bullet’-style blender, add one stalk of chopped organic celery, one small sliced garden or hothouse cucumber, a sprig of fresh mint, and one teaspoon-sized chunk of fresh ginger (peeled). Add a dash of cayenne pepper and Stevia™ sweetener. Pour in 1/2 c. of hand brewed tonic water (I like Fentiman’s brand and their flavoured tonics from the UK). Quinine in tonic water is an “old time” ‘fix’ that can help ward off a summer cold or virus. Add one TBSP of organic apple cider vinegar, a dash of fresh lemon juice, and cover the veggies with cold spring water. Blend well or for about a minute until veggies are finely chopped. Pour through the ‘sipper’ or spout of the blender container (to fill 8 -12 ounce glass), and allow the pulp to remain in the blender as you pour. Serve over ice or enjoy at room temperature.

For an extra clear juice without pulp, strain the drink into your glass with a small sieve or cheese cloth. I like to keep the pulp and use it fresh the same day (it won’t keep for more than a day). Add the pulp to a soup stock, mix with mayo and chunk white tuna for an easy tasty snack on a brown rice cracker, or try it on a mini-pizza — just sprinkle the well-drained veggie pulp onto a brown rice wrap, add fresh spinach leaves, cover with crumbled low fat feta cheese, and bake in a toaster oven at 300′ F until the cheese melts.


image: ehealthiq.com

Indie Seasonal Salsa

Winter’s ice cold days calls for adding plenty of bright fresh foods that bring a little extra oomph and colour to your table and will help chase away the same-old menu blues. I was happy to come across a recipe for fresh fig and mango salsa, recently, as I enjoy using in-season fruit. I instantly went ‘Indie’ by adapting the recipe and by adding fresh seasonal anils of pomegranate,  a hint of turmeric and hot sweet chili paste,  cilantro and lemon honey. I totally loved the results! This salsa will be worth making more than once over the holidays.  Not only will this salsa with a twist add a fresh burst of fruity flavour without being overpowering, it’s a lovely chutney served with roast turkey, or makes for a fabulous brunch idea, (top it on french bread for a bold bruschetta, with melted provolone). Alternatively, simply chow down this sizzle of a salsa ‘as is’ with your preferred winter spicy Indian meal as I enjoyed doing last week. Since this recipe goes great with just about anything, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

Ingredients:  3 medium sized organic tomatoes, diced; 1 ripe mango, diced; 1 lb. fresh figs, washed and diced; 1/2 cup fresh pomegranate anils; 1/2 cup chopped spring/green onion; 1/2 c. chopped cilantro; 1/2 tsp. pressed garlic or garlic paste; 1/2 tsp. turmeric paste, 1 Tbsp. sweet chili paste (or ‘to taste’); 1 tsp. coconut vinegar; 1 tsp. lemon or ginger liquid honey; Fresh ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients together well. Serve fresh or heated. Serves – 4 – 6.

Image: all4desktop.com








Beat stress — naturally


STRESS — is a bully. It can sneak up unawares, robbing us of well-being. Over time stress can wreak havoc on our whole being – spirit, mind and body. The good news — if you’re aware stress is taking a toll, you can beat it. Here are a few friendly tips.

#1 Get daily moderate exercise and hydrate throughout the day.  Aim for 30 – 45 minutes of moderate walking, cycling, gym or sports activity. Drink 8 glasses of water to refresh your system throughout the day. I’ve recently discovered Amazonian guayusa tea with a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon is a fabulous way to get going  with a clean burst of energy that lasts all day. Guayusa has caffeine, so if you need to avoid caffeine, look for a herbal tea option instead.

#2 Be mindful and aware of ‘stress triggers’ at home, work, in relationships, etc., Know what boundaries you need to put in place in your life to stay on top of and proactive about stress. You know the old saying, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. Make it a motto.

#3 Take things lightly, and do your best at what you love to do,  but avoid striving or overdoing things. Meeting deadlines is sometimes necessary, but perfectionism or overdoing can be a trap that causes ‘brain drain’ and can rob you of everyday joy.

#4 Practise relaxation. One of the best ways to beat stress is to find time to play with a pet, watch a fun movie, read an inspiring book. Whatever you do, make a habit of taking a load off.

#5 Eat healthy snacks and meals including plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and a wholesome balance of food groups to suit your lifestyle. Complement your daily eats with high quality nutritional supplements — and always check with your naturopath or doctor if you’re on medications in order to avoid any interactions.

Life is good. Keep it simple. Breathe deep and often.  Live it well. Live it happy.

image: styliwallpapers.com