r e s t

How do you spell ‘r e s t’ ? Is it essential…or an afterthought? If you’re like me, rest means more than just getting a good night’s sleep. It’s about a ‘lifestyle’ including daily relaxation (as well as healthy food, exercise and doing things you love to do). Rest is vital. Like water to our bodies, rest helps the body retain a healthy immune system and supports overall well-being. As you may know, even something as good for us as regular exercise can cause oxidative stress in our bodies and cells. Cells are batteries for the body. They require enough rest to rejuvenate.Ā  Thanks to amazing high science and the benefit of quality supplements and nutritionals that work at the cellular level, I’m enjoying a better night’s sleep, and am happy to awake feeling ready to enjoy every day more fully. Be good to youand learn more about quality nutritionals to support optimum wellness by visiting me at upstreamdream or dig into the science of good night’s sleep at Pure Rest)

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