Get your zzzzz’s

Yes yes yes—- eating healthy food, regular meals and snacks, hydrating, regular exercise and fresh air, and happy outings are all great for your overall wellness, but please don’t forget that oh so important added bonus we were designed to enjoy — REST.  Our bodies need it. Busy lifestyles are the norm today for most people, however, we all require more than occasional  ‘down’ time to help us rejuvenate and be the best we can be. Rest may come in the form of relaxing exercise or enjoying creative space, but in addition to relaxing ‘outlets’, most of us also require more sleep than less, (even if we may think we operate better otherwise). While our bodies rest, our cells can heal and rejuvenate. A good solid night’s sleep can go a long way towards helping you enjoy life more and get a whole lot more out of your ‘busy’ times. Ensure you have a comfortable, breathable mattress and pillows, keep your bedroom dark enough at night to ensure undisturbed sleep, and if you need to, use white noise like a fan or soothing nature music (I love ocean waves crashing on the shore…) to help you fall asleep.  Your best deepest sleep usually comes if you hit the pillows about two hours before midnight.  Love your zzzz’s and get a good night’s sleep!


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