Oh Cotton…

coton‘sleep’ is essential, but a great sleep is priceless. There’s nothing worse than not getting quality zzz’s.  Although we all have different biorhythms (and some people seem to need less sleep than others), most scientific/wellness reports indicate that getting a solid night’s sleep (at least 7 hours) is invaluable for overall long-term health.

Calcium and D3 and high science core minerals can support a good night’s sleep, (and remember all supplements work best with a healthy diet). I recommend taking mineral supplements daily, and if you’re over 50, a Cal-D3 with your evening meal. For a probiotic boost overnight, take Cal-D3 before bedtime with a glass of plain kefir or 1/2 c. yogurt. Keep in mind — no great night’s sleep is complete without a breathable high-quality mattress and pillows which properly support rest and body alignment. Invest wisely.

And then —there’s bedding.  While synthetics and bamboo/cotton blends are popular because of wrinkle-free easy care, cotton is my #1 choice. TomorrowSleep.com  offers interesting info on microfiber vs cotton bedding. Last but not least, if you have an outdoor clothesline, there’s nothing better than air-drying or freshening your sheets and quilts outdoors, esp. during winter, for an ozone-scented sleep from wash to wash. Tip: Change your bedding weekly. Live well, sleep well, (sweet dreams 🙂 )

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