Indie Seasonal Salsa

Winter’s ice cold days calls for adding plenty of bright fresh foods that bring a little extra oomph and colour to your table and will help chase away the same-old menu blues. I was happy to come across a recipe for fresh fig and mango salsa, recently, as I enjoy using in-season fruit. I instantly went ‘Indie’ by adapting the recipe and by adding fresh seasonal anils of pomegranate,  a hint of turmeric and hot sweet chili paste,  cilantro and lemon honey. I totally loved the results! This salsa will be worth making more than once over the holidays.  Not only will this salsa with a twist add a fresh burst of fruity flavour without being overpowering, it’s a lovely chutney served with roast turkey, or makes for a fabulous brunch idea, (top it on french bread for a bold bruschetta, with melted provolone). Alternatively, simply chow down this sizzle of a salsa ‘as is’ with your preferred winter spicy Indian meal as I enjoyed doing last week. Since this recipe goes great with just about anything, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

Ingredients:  3 medium sized organic tomatoes, diced; 1 ripe mango, diced; 1 lb. fresh figs, washed and diced; 1/2 cup fresh pomegranate anils; 1/2 cup chopped spring/green onion; 1/2 c. chopped cilantro; 1/2 tsp. pressed garlic or garlic paste; 1/2 tsp. turmeric paste, 1 Tbsp. sweet chili paste (or ‘to taste’); 1 tsp. coconut vinegar; 1 tsp. lemon or ginger liquid honey; Fresh ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients together well. Serve fresh or heated. Serves – 4 – 6.









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