For a refreshing summer cooler and even flow of metabolism-boosting energy —-green ‘smoothies’ can’t be beat. Here’s a quick and easy green beverage with nutrients that provides a daily ‘cleanse’ for your liver (first thing in the morning or before bedtime), or makes a great ‘pick me up’ anytime! Use a juicer or to keep it really simple with easy clean up, choose a small 12 ounce blender with a pour spout. Always choose the freshest veggies you can find, (organic if available/affordable for you).

METHOD: In a small 12 ounce ‘bullet’-style blender, add one stalk of chopped organic celery, one small sliced garden or hothouse cucumber, a sprig of fresh mint, and one teaspoon-sized chunk of fresh ginger (peeled). Add a dash of cayenne pepper and Stevia™ sweetener. Pour in 1/2 c. of hand brewed tonic water (I like Fentiman’s brand and their flavoured tonics from the UK). Quinine in tonic water is an “old time” ‘fix’ that can help ward off a summer cold or virus. Add one TBSP of organic apple cider vinegar, a dash of fresh lemon juice, and cover the veggies with cold spring water. Blend well or for about a minute until veggies are finely chopped. Pour through the ‘sipper’ or spout of the blender container (to fill 8 -12 ounce glass), and allow the pulp to remain in the blender as you pour. Serve over ice or enjoy at room temperature.

For an extra clear juice without pulp, strain the drink into your glass with a small sieve or cheese cloth. I like to keep the pulp and use it fresh the same day (it won’t keep for more than a day). Add the pulp to a soup stock, mix with mayo and chunk white tuna for an easy tasty snack on a brown rice cracker, or try it on a mini-pizza — just sprinkle the well-drained veggie pulp onto a brown rice wrap, add fresh spinach leaves, cover with crumbled low fat feta cheese, and bake in a toaster oven at 300′ F until the cheese melts.


image: ehealthiq.com

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