Peachy Iced 🍵

Hi! If you’re in the mood for a really refreshing summer iced tea that tastes great and is a super energizer on a hot day, you will love this zingy blend of green tea, ginger, mint, lemongrass and peach flavours.

I use two tea brands to make this iced beverage: Stash™️ ‘Ginger Peach’ and Tazo™️ ‘Zen’.

METHOD: Bring 2 litres of spring water almost to a boil and pour over 3-4 tea bags of each of the Stash and Tazo tea blends. Steep for 5 minutes (longer for a more intense tea).  I like to use a large heavy clear glassware (heat safe) pitcher. Add fresh mint leaves and a generous slice of fresh ginger. Remove mint and ginger after steeping, and add one large fresh organic peach — sliced.

Refrigerate overnight or at least two hours before serving. Serve over plenty of shaved ice in a refrigerated glass for the ultimate ‘cooler’. Top off with a dry white sparkling wine or Prosecco as a sangria or drink this tea ‘straight up’.

Combining this green tea, ginger and matcha of the Stash tea, the lemongrass, mint and green tea of the Tazo blend, and fresh fruity peach provides a hydrating boost of antioxidants and will add refreshment to a light summer meal or beach or poolside drink tray.

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