Think Great…Feel Great!

The 2020 pandemic inspired a lot of us to think more wisely about living right, eating right, and protecting our health and immunity.

A great place to start is by eating more whole foods including high fibre and making more organic food choices.

A good plan that helps energy levels throughout the day is to:

  1. Eat regular ‘smaller portion’ meals, (no skipping meals)
  2. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas to keep you hydrated
  3. Plan on having healthy snacks throughout the day such as fresh veggies, nuts, and low glycemic fruits such as berries.

Yes… regular exercise matters and doesn’t need to be intense. In fact, more and more research seems to show our bodies respond best to moderate activity that won’t promote injury or cause oxidative stress.

Adding fatty fish to your diet two to three times a week, such as wild salmon or bristling sardines is a great way to get omegas into your diet—and eggs are another good source of this valuable and important wellness ‘builder’. Omega 3, 6 snd 9 are excellent for overall energy and brain health.

I am a firm believer in high science supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. For a great ‘brain boost’ to combat stress, I recommend a product like Usana’s COPAPRIME… which is formulated to promote mental endurance and long term brain health. Learn more about CopaPrime and other wellness products for a healthy you at: 🙂

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