Think Great…Feel Great!

The 2020 pandemic inspired a lot of us to think more wisely about living right, eating right, and protecting our health and immunity. A great place to start is by eating more whole foods including high fibre and making more organic food choices. A good plan that helps energy levels throughout the day is to:Continue reading “Think Great…Feel Great!”

Beat stress — naturally

STRESS — is a bully. It can sneak up unawares, robbing us of well-being. Over time stress can wreak havoc on our whole being – spirit, mind and body. The good news — if you’re aware stress is taking a toll, you can beat it. Here are a few friendly tips. #1 Get daily moderate exercise and hydrate throughout the day. Continue reading “Beat stress — naturally”

patchouli & things…

  Experimentation with herbs and essential oils is a glorious thing… After experiencing several months of immune stress and shut down, I’ve enjoyed new avenues of exploration in health and wellness, including discovering the benefits of numerous plants, including a great new favourite — hyssop from Israel, (which I found was wonderfully delicious sprinkled on salads, scrambleContinue reading “patchouli & things…”