Peachy Iced Green Tea

Hi! If you’re in the mood for a really refreshing summer iced tea that tastes great and is a super energizer on a hot day, you will love this zingy blend of green tea, ginger, mint, lemongrass and peach flavours.

I use two tea brands to make this iced beverage: Stash™️ ‘Ginger Peach’ and Tazo™️ ‘Zen’.

METHOD: Bring 2 litres of spring water almost to a boil and pour over 3-4 tea bags of each of the Stash and Tazo tea blends. Steep for 5 minutes (longer for a more intense tea).  I like to use a large heavy clear glassware (heat safe) pitcher. Add fresh mint leaves and a generous slice of fresh ginger. Remove mint and ginger after steeping, and add one large fresh organic peach — sliced.

Refrigerate overnight or at least two hours before serving. Serve over plenty of shaved ice in a refrigerated glass for the ultimate ‘cooler’. Top off with a dry white sparkling wine or Prosecco as a sangria or drink this tea ‘straight up’.

Combining this green tea, ginger and matcha of the Stash tea, the lemongrass, mint and green tea of the Tazo blend, and fresh fruity peach provides a hydrating boost of antioxidants and will add refreshment to a light summer meal or beach or poolside drink tray.

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the good news is…

sky and grass… wondering why live, laugh, thrive ‘s been off the radar…( I call it a ‘sabbatical’)the good news is I know you got on just fine without me! 🙂

FACT: most of us don’t take enough ‘sabbatical’ time. We are into being ‘there’ all the time for others, we try to eat right, exercise, take supplements, socialize, get enough sleep, etc., and hope that does it for us. But sometimes something tells us we need more. A sabbatical is more than a holiday away from a busy schedule. It’s a lifestyle we need to learn to practise and build into our lives in meaningful ways. It’s about making room to rethink, repurpose and recalibrate. It’s about giving your mind and body plenty of time off .  A sabbatical can mean a spiritual retreat or it could mean taking an adventurous lengthy trip away, but far more practically and simply it’s about adding regular ‘R&R’ to your ‘to-do’ list.

Don’t wait to take sabbatical time ‘some day’ or maybe when you retire. Do it now. One  small tip: don’t abandon your friends and loved ones — just gently let others know you may not be available to do this or that. And whatever your sabbatical time means or looks like for you, commit to NOT to giving up on it. Build it into your everyday time — and live well — body, mind and spirit.

The ‘You’ Date…

new year

Who doesn’t love feeling like a kid again, enjoying the sparkle and fun of the holiday season? Expectations and emotions soar. Gifts are given and received. Good eats, treats and goodwill abound. Reaching out to help the less fortunate warms the heart. Families gather. Friends reconnect. Short winter hours grow brighter and longer. A new year ahead inspires new things. But somehow underneath all the glitter and glam of holiday seasons, lays a ‘glitch’ called stress. Even good times can sometimes cause us to stress out with an added strain on our pocketbooks, waistlines or relationships. That’s life. And it’s why I’d like to propose planning ‘you’ dates throughout the coming year. Not in a selfish it’s ‘all about me’ way, but with a genuine focus on enjoying every day, because in the long run, it’s the little moments that count most. Whether for you this means discovering a new hobby or plopping down with a bowl of popcorn and a great book or a movie, hitting a ski slope with friends, or even volunteering… a ‘you’ date is simply about marking time on your calendar to live more in the moment and to make a  commitment in some small way to being a healthier, happier ‘you’. Life’s worth it and so are you. Happy and healthy 2018!



More Mayo s.v.p :)


Healthy living is about choosing and enjoying great foods, rest, relaxation, regular exercise, and more…but how to get it right is sometimes challenging.  The Mayo Clinic’s ‘2017 Guide to Healthy Living‘ is a great place to start if you are serious about getting on track and making the most of your wellness or personal renewal routine, (including diet, exercise and resiliency). The Guide helps you to develop a positive personal wellness plan, (from the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program). One truly great tip I enjoyed in the Guide is allowing yourself room to modify your wellness plan as you go. Don’t be rigid about having to do this or that. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Both are motivation killers and can stop you in your tracks. The Guide delivers smart common sense information about looking and feeling better and managing stress in a way that suits you. This isn’t about pleasing others, but it is about being happy about your wellness journey. I also highly recommend adding the Clinic’s A to Z Health Guide as a resource for your wholesome wellness journey. Live each day well!