Cut the BHT…eat smarter

live wellYou know what I mean. If you can’t spell it, don’t eat it. I doubt you’ve ever asked yourself, “…did I eat my butyl today…? i.e. Butylhydroxytoluene. (BHT) is just one of several common food additives often found in breakfast cereals. Smart and healthy food choices means avoiding chemical additives, even if we’re told they’re ok in small amounts’. Problem. Our bodies aren’t designed to deal with additives. Some of these affect and disrupt natural hormones. BHT is just one of a long line of additive culprits you don’t want in your life or diet. Learn how BHT can cause you to pack on unwanted pounds, (in an article from In Canada, the Yummy Mummy Club had helpful info on BHT, BHA, etc., and the impacts they have on our health.

Eating smart means not skipping meals and eating a balanced breakfast. Healthy grains, fat, fruit, veggies, moderate protein. You can start right by toasting a slice of organic sprouted grain bread with a non-dairy healthy fat ‘butter’, (I use Melt for healthy fat and Silver Hills – a superb line of sprouted grain breads). Add a poached free run egg or scrambled egg whites and herbs, a few cucumber slices, and a (pesticide-free!) orange. Another great energizer —old-fashioned steel cut oats. Cook it ahead, store in 1/2 c. baggies, freeze, and have it ready to go. Heat it up and add slivered almonds, coconut, fresh berries or fruit, a dash of Ceylon cinnamon, and plain yogurt, or dairy-free milk.

For people on the go, a protein smoothie is ideal. Start your day with a smoothie protein base that gives you at least 18g of protein per serving.  Add frozen or fresh fruit, 1.5 c. water, ice, non-dairy milk, some greens, blend it up and keep inventing new recipes. For a delicious plant-based smoothie, try VegaOne (awesome flavour and blendability (is that a word?), or go for Usana’s ‘MySmartFoods‘ macronutrient line. Give your body a break from anything that smacks of ‘preservatives’, and keep sharing all that good energy!


Healthy weight – ‘balance’


This week found me refocused on healthy weight management and getting back to basics. For all of us stress and multiple life factors impact on a daily basis and can affect our self-care. Bottom line  – our bodies are amazing and are designed for us to take care of by eating wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise, and taking time to play, work, relax, enjoy friendships and creative and spiritual oases, and of course — to get a good night’s sleep. The key is ‘balance‘.  If you’re looking to get back on track with weight management or overall wellness, I recommend exploring three of my favorite wellness sites/experts: Berkeley Wellness and Dr. Andrew Weil.  Sign up for daily /wellness tips or apps. I also strongly recommend using high science supplements, for optimum wellness support. Find out what works best for you. Warning: in a ‘thin’-obsessed culture, beware of anything or anyone offering a ‘silver bullet’ for weight management. Don’t strive for perfection. Avoid restrictive diets.  Love 💕💖💝 who you are. Stay positive, balanced, eat, sleep, exercise, laugh and…always…find joy in the journey…🙂


r e s t

How do you spell ‘r e s t’ ? Is it essential…or an afterthought? If you’re like me, rest means more than just getting a good night’s sleep. It’s about a ‘lifestyle’ including daily relaxation (as well as healthy food, exercise and doing things you love to do). Rest is vital. Like water to our bodies, rest helps the body retain a healthy immune system and supports overall well-being. As you may know, even something as good for us as regular exercise can cause oxidative stress in our bodies and cells. Cells are batteries for the body. They require enough rest to rejuvenate.  Thanks to amazing high science and the benefit of quality supplements and nutritionals that work at the cellular level, I’m enjoying a better night’s sleep, and am happy to awake feeling ready to enjoy every day more fully. Be good to youand learn more about quality nutritionals to support optimum wellness by visiting me at upstreamdream or dig into the science of good night’s sleep at Pure Rest)

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fresh_green_apples_picture_167145I don’t know about you, but I just love waking up daily and feeling well-rested with energy to burn. Unfortunately for years, following an out-of-the-blue metabolic crash in my mid 30s, I ended up facing a daily battle to drum up enough energy to make it through even an average workday.

Always a ‘healthy eater’ I found that even the food I ate no longer seemed to help me get the extra surge of energy I knew I needed. Exercise felt draining instead of renewing and rewarding.

For over a decade after facing early menopause (possibly environmentally-triggered), I did all I could to feel better, including researching umpteen alternatives and wellness solutions hoping to restore or boost my good eating habits with something ‘more’. I knew something was missing. But not even a cupboard full of vitamins or health products seemed to work. Eventually, I went ‘off” metabolic syndrome ‘trigger’ foods including caffeine, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar — yet life remained an almost hopeless drudgery with few positive solutions. When a wonderful friend, Deanna Waters, helped me find what I was looking for… I was ecstatic with joy! (aren’t true friends one of life’s greatest gifts ever?)…I am forever thankful! Explore and learn more about the Usana difference and why elite athletes became part of my inspiration for choosing high science to help me move on to a happier life, more energy and focus, and optimum wellness.





Living life well — we all talk about it but what exactly does living well look like for you? Whether it’s about relaxation, work, play, hobbies, travel, finances, food, fitness, home, relationships, spiritual wholeness or all of the above, living life well often gets down to making positive choices and learning to make the most out of everyday. It often means being more mindful, thankful, caring, forgiving, and kind to both ourselves and others. On a personal note, I recently made a fresh commitment to help my overall well-being by committing to high science wellness products to enhance my life. It’s an exciting and positive step, one that’s already making a difference in my everyday life . I’d love to hear from you…What do you do to live, laugh and thrive?