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Healthy living is about choosing and enjoying great foods, rest, relaxation, regular exercise, and more…but how to get it right is sometimes challenging.  The Mayo Clinic’s ‘2017 Guide to Healthy Living‘ is a great place to start if you are serious about getting on track and making the most of your wellness or personal renewal routine, (including diet, exercise and resiliency). The Guide helps you to develop a positive personal wellness plan, (from the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program). One truly great tip I enjoyed in the Guide is allowing yourself room to modify your wellness plan as you go. Don’t be rigid about having to do this or that. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Both are motivation killers and can stop you in your tracks. The Guide delivers smart common sense information about looking and feeling better and managing stress in a way that suits you. This isn’t about pleasing others, but it is about being happy about your wellness journey. I also highly recommend adding the Clinic’s A to Z Health Guide as a resource for your wholesome wellness journey. Live each day well!


Lemon Up!

I recently visited a natural food/juicing bar for lunch and was pleasantly reminded how easy it is to prepare and enjoy wholesome good food, including something as simple as lemons, which were included in the fresh juice I ordered, and recommended in the restaurant’s brochure as a daily wellness beverage. (I will talk more about juicing another day…) Lemons are a great thirst quencher and better yet, have a long history of positive health benefits including as a natural body cleanser. Treat your immune system to a happy dose of lemon. Lemons provide a natural combination of vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, B-complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and fiber. (I also supplement and boost my immune with a high science Vitamin C and Grape Seed extract product) Learn more about the goodness of lemons at For a refreshing morning pick me up, (instead of your usual beverage), slice a large lemon in half, juice it by hand with one of those old style glass citrus juicers, (great exercise!) and enjoy with 1c. warm water (I usually add one packet of xylitol/stevia blend sweetener, and in winter, a dash of cinnamon, or a cinnamon stick) When life gives you lemons — make the most of it!


Berry Power!

Protein smoothies are a great way for busy people or anyone interested in a quick healthy start to the day. Smoothies give a balance of nutrients and key vitamins and/or greens, with minimal preparation and planning. Due to allergies, I like to use a gluten-free, non-dairy, all natural ingredients protein powder. Read your labels. Seek out a product that is low-glycemic with no trans-fatty acids. There are a number of great protein products on the market, including vegan. Choose one that works best for you. If you want to jump-start weight loss or fitness, I highly recommend ‘Reset‘ for a five-day renewal. Rev it up by adding Rev 3 sports beverage (hint: this is a sparkling beverage, so rather than blend it, I add 1/2 can to my finished smoothie). Rev 3 adds great anti oxidant benefits of green and white tea for a smooth level of healthy energy throughout the day. For extra anti-oxidant-pumped up goodness, go for a cupful/blend of low glycemic, nutrient-packed ‘purple power’ (a mix of frozen or fresh blackberries, blue berries, black currants, sour and black cherries is my favorite!)  Whatever your nutritional protein base and blend of added goodness, start each day out with ‘thanks’ and a smile. Live well from the inside out. Live your best life…now.


Healthy weight – ‘balance’


This week found me refocused on healthy weight management and getting back to basics. For all of us stress and multiple life factors impact on a daily basis and can affect our self-care. Bottom line  – our bodies are amazing and are designed for us to take care of by eating wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise, and taking time to play, work, relax, enjoy friendships and creative and spiritual oases, and of course — to get a good night’s sleep. The key is ‘balance‘.  If you’re looking to get back on track with weight management or overall wellness, I recommend exploring three of my favorite wellness sites/experts: Berkeley Wellness and Dr. Andrew Weil.  Sign up for daily /wellness tips or apps. I also strongly recommend using high science supplements, for optimum wellness support. Find out what works best for you. Warning: in a ‘thin’-obsessed culture, beware of anything or anyone offering a ‘silver bullet’ for weight management. Don’t strive for perfection. Avoid restrictive diets.  Love 💕💖💝 who you are. Stay positive, balanced, eat, sleep, exercise, laugh and…always…find joy in the journey…🙂


r e s t

How do you spell ‘r e s t’ ? Is it essential…or an afterthought? If you’re like me, rest means more than just getting a good night’s sleep. It’s about a ‘lifestyle’ including daily relaxation (as well as healthy food, exercise and doing things you love to do). Rest is vital. Like water to our bodies, rest helps the body retain a healthy immune system and supports overall well-being. As you may know, even something as good for us as regular exercise can cause oxidative stress in our bodies and cells. Cells are batteries for the body. They require enough rest to rejuvenate.  Thanks to amazing high science and the benefit of quality supplements and nutritionals that work at the cellular level, I’m enjoying a better night’s sleep, and am happy to awake feeling ready to enjoy every day more fully. Be good to youand learn more about quality nutritionals to support optimum wellness by visiting me at upstreamdream or dig into the science of good night’s sleep at Pure Rest)

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