Berry Power!

Protein smoothies are a great way for busy people or anyone interested in a quick healthy start to the day. Smoothies give a balance of nutrients and key vitamins and/or greens, with minimal preparation and planning. Due to allergies, I like to use a gluten-free, non-dairy, all natural ingredients protein powder. Read your labels. Seek out a product that is low-glycemic with no trans-fatty acids. There are a number of great protein products on the market, including vegan. Choose one that works best for you. If you want to jump-start weight loss or fitness, I highly recommend ‘Reset‘ for a five-day renewal. Rev it up by adding Rev 3 sports beverage (hint: this is a sparkling beverage, so rather than blend it, I add 1/2 can to my finished smoothie). Rev 3 adds great anti oxidant benefits of green and white tea for a smooth level of healthy energy throughout the day. For extra anti-oxidant-pumped up goodness, go for a cupful/blend of low glycemic, nutrient-packed ‘purple power’ (a mix of frozen or fresh blackberries, blue berries, black currants, sour and black cherries is my favorite!)  Whatever your nutritional protein base and blend of added goodness, start each day out with ‘thanks’ and a smile. Live well from the inside out. Live your best life…now.